Strange & Lovely Romance


A teaser from STRANGE and LOVELY Paranormal Tlaes of Thrills and Romance...Released October 2014
My Big Hairy Romance by Jennifer N. Bryce
Hannah popped up to her feet and shined a flashlight into the brush. Two red eyes reflected back at her about seven feet into the air. Grandpa always told her that game’s eyes reflected green and human’s red. Whatever was lurking in the dark was definitely not on the bottom of the food chain—she and Jake were. Her body was in fight or flight response but her head told her to keep cool. “Lets get out of here.” She slipped off her silver charm bracelet and left it on the rock as a parting gift, just in case. Grandpa said this creature of the forest like shiny objects.
Jake produced a three-inch pocketknife, fully extended.
“What’s that going to do?” Hannah brushed past him and walked up the trail.
“I don’t know. I’d feel better having it out, though,” Jake whispered. “We have to walk right past whatever is in those trees to get out.” He hefted his pack on to his back and followed Hannah. “It’s all I’ve got to protect you.” He moved in front of her. “I’ve done some mixed martial arts for a few years. If it gets bad, I’ll try to hold whatever it is off and you run for it.”
She looked at him, astounded. “Jake, that is the most selfless thing I’ve heard.” She put her hand on his shoulder. “But I think if he thinks we are not aggressive, he’ll leave us alone. Act like nothing is wrong.” The trick was to make herself believe her own advice even though her adrenaline spiked uncomfortably. She didn’t know what was worse—the scary beast in the dark or her budding feelings for Jake.
Whatever was in the concealment of the dark foliage followed Jake and Hannah step for step. Although she was a bit nervous about the creature in the forest a few feet away, she did her best to hide it. Grandpa always said that predators could smell fear and it was best not to run and give them a chase. So she did what Grandpa would do—she sang. But the only song that she could think of was “I’m All Out of Love”, because that was what Dad sang at the top of his lungs when he drove down the road because the Air Supply tape was permanently stuck into the deck of his old Chevy.
“Are you singing Air Supply?” Jake whispered.
“Yeah, I hear the big guy of the forest likes the oldies.”
That was enough incentive for Jake to join in the impromtu sing along.


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