Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm a what? ... Oh an author.

     Coming out as a newbie author feels like streaking across the football field during homecoming. It's exciting but embarrassing. I started this journey of writing three years ago when I was put on bed rest and wanted to be anywhere but on the couch and be anybody than the fat whale that I felt like. One night I had a dream that I could time travel to any destination that I wanted. I looked like the beautiful Sandra Dean. The first Gidget movie has always been my favorite and I was secretly in love with Moondoggie.

     I went back to the 40's and started a new life going to college and dating. I wrote down this dream and thus began the book DRIFT. It took me three years to write. I worked on it a little bit at a time here and there between my three ring circus at home and desperately trying to get an uninterrupted nap. The book has painstakingly evolved into something that I think is my "ugly baby" that I absolutely adore. It may be published on the other hand publishers could laugh in my face and throw it in the trash. One thing about it . . . I enjoyed living vicariously through my character and writing her story.

     I met Jennifer Griffith, a published author, at the beauty shop. We were both getting our hair done when she introduced me to ANWA. It is a writing group for LDS women and the support found there is amazing. My writing has grown under these wonderful women's tutelage. I think Jennifer Griffith was an angel sent my way to guide me in this scary world of writing.

SO . . . I'm announcing my first book DRIFT with more to follow. Hoping that it gets picked up by some amazing publisher. I have a pitch with Shadow Mountain this weekend and I'm praying and crossing my fingers they like what they see and grab me up. I think at some level if that happens that I will feel validated that maybe I wasn't just wasting my time and that maybe I do have a talent. Oh man, I want to be spectacular at something and I'm hoping it is as an author. My hubster said that if I made enough money from writing that I could build him a shop he would stay at home and babysit the boys while I write. Wouldn't that be awesome! I should've gotten it in a signed contract.


  1. Best of luck to you with this endeavor!

  2. I love that publisher! They've put out some of my favorite books lately. I hope you get exactly what you deserve, the best!!


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