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This little gem has been sitting on my computer for the last two years while I trudged through nursing school. When "Haley's Song" came out last December it reminded me about "Guardian of the Fountain" waiting to be finished. I wanted to use this book as an experiment to gauge the route of publishing I liked best. "Haley's Song" was traditional publishing. "Guardian of the Fountain" is self published. There are pros and cons to both, but the jury is still out on which one I like best. It might just come down to monetary reasons. Cross your fingers it does well because I'm currently in the red with this book...the joys of self publishing!

This plot idea came to mind just as I was turning 30, and I was wishing I could stay 25 forever. I'm having a hard time with the idea of aging and I wished there really was a Fountain of Youth and not just some expensive trips to the med spa to bandaid the bursting pipe of aging. Not all of us are aging gracefully... How come the guys get better looking with age? Not fair at all, I'm going to have to speak to someone about this.

Anyway, I'm introducing my fluffy novel because that's what I enjoy writing...fluffy romance. I don't even think that is a genre, but I may create it.

Some secrets are better kept…

When a mysterious stranger crawls through her window in the dark of night and claims to have a cure for her disease that claimed 6 months of her memory and is slowly killing her, Chrissie is given a second chance at life. She only has to travel to the jungle of Venezuela to get it.

Then Chrissie meets the gorgeous, Brant Winston the attraction is instant; although she has the strange feeling that she’s met him before. When she stumbles upon secrets tying him to the drug cartel and ancient tribal magic it puts them both in eminent danger. But Brant isn’t the only one with secrets; Chrissie has one very big secret that could destroy their love forever. Some will live and some will die. Who will it be? Only the pure will live.



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