Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If Haley's Song were made into a movie.

Last year, on my goal board I wrote… Haley’s Song will be a best selling novel and be made into movie.

I’ve taken the first step toward this goal. I wrote the book, and now it is being published by Vinspire Publishing and will be out for public consumption in December. So logically, the next step would be an epic romantic drama. A book being made into a movie is like hitting the lottery for an author. I have wishful thinking that my book could be a Lonesome Dove and The Notebook hybrid. Maybe the same producers would like to take mine on too (wink, wink).

This is my pretend casting for Haley’s Song.

The Leading Roles

The best part of the whole is dreaming of Hunky Hollywood actors. They are not hard to come by, but I have to say I have one in particular in mind to play the leading cowboy Tate.  Chris Hemsworth is the top pick of course. Drool factor of 10.

Haley might be a bit of a harder character to cast. She has to be a natural country beauty and musically talented. Recently, I watched all the seasons of Bomb Girls and I’m sort of leaning towards Jodi Balfour.

It only stands to reason that the person who plays Tate’s brother, Ben, should be Liam Hemsworth. Duh. I will have epic droves of girls stampeding into theaters to watch my film.

The overlapping love triangles in my book are set into motion by the appearance of Margret. Candace Accola from Vampire Diaries has been the natural pick from the beginning. Of course Margret has her own novel in the works. I dream big around here.

Next, Milt Sherwood, the patriarch of the family. This actor has to portray grit, wisdom, and a big heart for his family. Robert Duvall is the obvious pick. You can’t have a good western without him. Lonesome Dove is one of my favorite movies…

The Villans

A great story has opposition and here they are…

Ed Thompson? Val Kilmer. I think he could play the slimy part really well. I can just see that worn dusty top hat with the red feather sitting atop of his head, his worn overalls with grease spots and dust unlatched on one side, his classy ride a worn out mule.

Daddy- Liam Neeson. I really like Liam Neeson in the movie Taken. He plays a really strong character, but I think he could play a mean broken drunk as well, and be able to redeem himself in the end.

Next, Emma Jean. For her I pick Ali Liebert. We all know that particular girl from high school that was the “mean girl.” Bomb Girls has a great cast. Canadian television is holding out on us in the U.S. I think Ali could play Emma Jean perfectly.

The Ranch hands

Micheal Ealy as Louie. My French quarter hunk’s past and future is a book all of his own. I can’t wait to write Louie’s story. He is a pure gentleman that just might fall in love with a free spirited senorita. His strong quiet nature lends itself to a mysterious side. You never know what is brooding behind those eyes.

Wilmer Valderrama as Tate’s best friend, Jaun. Juan is a jokester. I couldn’t think of any other Hispanic actor to play the part because I think he could play the lighthearted Juan perfectly. The story takes place close enough to the border that Hispanic influence is a must to make the story believable, if not accurate to the setting.

Josh Duhamel as Clancy. I could totally see Josh in a pearl snap shirt and cowboy hat. He has the rugged good looks. He is married to Sarah in my book. Stephanie Meyer did a guest appearance in the Twilight movie…wait for it…I could do a guest appearance as Sarah! (Oh gee, twist my arm…) It would be fun to play the lucky girl who’s Josh Duhamel’s on screen wife. Clever casting I might add. I’m hoping it would qualify me the access to little time at a med spa and a make-up artist.

Tommy Lee Jones as Stucky. I think the guys will enjoy the film for the fact of Tommy Lee Jones playing the rough around the edges, ready for a shoot out at a moment’s notice, and heart of gold, Stucky.

Other Characters

Saginaw Grant to play Billy Bo’s character. Billy Bo is sort of quirky, mystical, and you never know if he is serious or joking because both look the same. Do you think he would mind playing an Apache medicine man?

A Timmy actor will be the hardest to find. Maybe I can get one of my boys to play him…

I don’t think the cows on the Double Circle Ranch would mind being extras. I don’t think they’d let fame go to their heads either. Since the Double Circle Ranch really exsists it is a no brainer where filming would take place. I just have to convince the hermits in my family that it would be a good idea.

At any rate, this book has the promises for a really great movie… at least in my head. Clean, action packed, romantic, historical, western, old music, compelling villains, and good looking actors…perfect combo for a hit.

Any movie producers ready for the project? I was ready yesterday.


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